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This page will mainly be used for listing seeds that we have available to you for donation. case to case for bartering on packs. and eventually listing available clones for donation & or barter.
We as a profile are not responsible for any laws that may be broken once novelty items have been received. We do not condone any law breaking and everything available from us for donation is exchanged as a novelty item in the highest quality, with no other intended use
It’s all love here, you’ve been warned.
PLUR baby that’s what got us through

Serious inquiries only please

Much love

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Worst seller I have ever encountered. Extreamly rude and used disrespectful words to describe all the customers on strainly.I paid the seller then took over a week to get a reply after fileing a report on him and then he said he sent off package and gave me no tracking number after I asked politely. If you want to waste your time and get disrespected then this is your seller

ZOOH2O of SlothModeSeeds about listing Cement Shoes S1 3 months ago.

Great communication and fast shipping! Is honest and trustworthy. Thanks again! I'll be watching for future offers.

Terp Shack about listing Ghee Butter - Fresh Coast Seed Co 5 months ago.

Responded quickly and sent in the mail quickly plus the seeds were a better deal than direct from the breeder. Solid purchase

Totem Cache about listing Pineapple Chakra - Cannabeizein 2 years ago.