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tomistein's 501's

Simply a hobbyist and collector looking to build a community of like-minded individuals for the greater good of the community.

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Clone Menu:
- Dogwalker OG "Jodrey cut" (Chem4/AlbertWalker) $750.00
- Loompa's Headband $300.00
- Marshmallow OG #9 "CLTVTD cut" (ChemD/TK x JetFuelGelato) $100.00
- Melonade #8 "CLTVTD cut" (LemonTree#11/WatermelonZkittlez) $100.00
- Pez Sourz #3 "CLTVTD cut" (WatermelonZkittlez/LemonSorbetto x PineapplePez) $100.00
- Runtz "PCG cut" Teen [Gelato x Zkittlez] $500.00
- Wedding Crasher (PurplePunch/WeddingCake) $100.00
- Dosilato #8 "CLTVTD cut" (Dosido/Gelato33) $100.00
- Gush Mints "PCG cut" (F1Durb/Gushers x BubbaMints) $200.00

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Everything showed up in perfect condition, super fast shipping! Thanks again dude!

Knowledgeable, quick responses and trustworthy

The best of Strainly.

Fasdart about listing Maui Waui '78 X Ninja Fruit 5 days ago.

Everything was great - clone arrived in great condition and began thriving immediately when I transplanted her to soil! Communication was fantastic- looking forward to ordering more!

tomistein's 501's