Tree House Cartel

LARGE INVENTORY!!! Containing rare hard to find exotics, Indicas, and OGs. We stand behind our products integrity and Guarantee clones to the be vigorous, well rooted, and thriving. Everything on my menu is sourced all the way back to its origin. Clones are either Breeder Cuts or were Pheno Hunted from seeds acquired from breeders or seedbanks. I realized a long time ago that there was a need in the marketplace for rare hard to find genetics that perform.
I don't carry every strain, but what I do carry performs.

I can accommodate requests Nationwide, UK, Spain, Italy, France, & Canada

Thank you for stopping by to visit my page and may the roots be in your favor. Keep it kush fam!

Bulk Pricing Available

Heres my current library.
Triple OG…Triangle Kush X Constantine X Master Yoda (Exotic Genetix)
Sapphire OG...OG Kush X OG Kush X Afghan (Humbolt Seed Org)
Alien Octane...Alien OG X Alien Bubba (La Plata Genetics)
Ghost Breath…Ghost OG X Mendo Breath (ThugPug Genetics)
Race Fuel OG…High Octane X Face Off OG (Archive Seeds)
White Skywalker…The White X Skywalker (OG Raskal)
White Fire OG #5…The White X Fire OG (OG Raskal)
White Fire OG #43…The White X Fire OG (OG Raskal)
PBJ…Peanut Butter Breath X Oregon Elite Rasberry (Square One Genetics)
Dosido…OGKB X Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1(Archive Seeds)
Gelato 33…(Cookie Fam)
Wookie Fruit…Purple Wookie X Legend (Compound Genetics)
Grape Sorbet…Sunset Sherbet X Mendo Montage (ThugPug Genetics)
Original GG4…Supplied by Karma Squad Nursery
Wedding Cake…Wedding Cake F2 (Seed Junky)
Blackberry Cream…Blackberry Kush X Cookies n Cream (Exotic Genetix)
Resting Bitch Face…Animal Mints X Face Off OG X Sophies Breath (Cannapy Builders)
Jet A…Tina (OG) X Gelato 33 (Jet Fuel Gelato Remake)(Exotic Genetix)
Grape Pie…Cherry Pie Kush X Grape Stomper (Harry Palms/Cannarado)
Slurricane…Dosido X Purple Punch (iNHouse Genetics)
MACH 10...MAC 1 X Purple Punch (Sungrown Genetics)
Sapphire OG...OG Kush X OG Kush X Afghan (Humbolt Seed Org)
London Bridge…Biscotti X Pound Cake X Sunset Sherbet (Cookie Fam)
Sunset Stomper…Sunset Sherbet X Grape Stomper
Ice Cream Cake…Wedding Cake (OG) X Gelato 33 (Seed Junky Genetics)
Meat Breath #47…Mendo Breath X Mendo Montage (ThugPug Genetics)
Tropicana Cookie F2…GSC X Tangie (Oni Seed Co.)

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Everything went smoothly with Tre. He is very friendly and knowledgable and I look forward to workin with him in the future.

Nick about listing GMO by Skunk Master Flex 3 days ago.

Very positive and for sure a genuine person .... thank you

smithdogdaphne about listing Fire OG cut 8 days ago.

This guy is super amazing .... he is definitely a straight shooter .... very caring and informative ...

smithdogdaphne about listing Jet Fuel Gelato clone 8 days ago.