Truleaf medicinal

Truleaf medicinal

We’re a small batch breeders and we take absolute pride in all our cultivars released and our customers get the best customer support we can provide.Definitely appreciate everyone of you in so doing we offer freebies with every pack purchase and free shipping and tracking in the states . All packs are heat sealed and tamper evident.

License #: AG-L1079733RSD
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Easy transaction went very smooth great breeder.

Blue Crew Genetics about listing Ghost train haze f2 pollen 11 months ago.

Truleaf is a true and great genetics master. Very friendly and wonderful genetics. I will definitely be buying again. No better on Strainly very impressed and takes a lot to impress me. Thank you very much for the Ghost Train Haze pollen also those plants were gorgeous


Blue Crew Genetics about listing Ponyride f2 12 months ago.

Trade went smooth, nice guy.

Truleaf medicinal