I am a grower with 6 years experience . pollen chucker, seed trader, and very passionate about this sacred plant . We recently began working with a true OG grower from the Southwest USA now called Desert High Genetics. The master behind these rare and authentic strains has been cultivating cannabis for 40 + years . He has been breeding these strains for 35 years in the high desert of the southwest. We are excited to be presenting these one of a kind strains to the general public for the first time ever . With their roots going back to the Famous Hog Farm Commune , noted as a sometime home of Wavy Gravy . Utilizing Afghani landrace genetics brought back by the brave “ seed smugglers “ of the 1970’s. All of his strains have been stabilized and have been amazing yielders offering some very potent and consistant phenos. These are the genetics that helped revolutionize cannabis cultivation in the west . Ideal cannabis for medical or recreational grower. These strains will be awesome for creating edibles and extracts.

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Thanks brother, hope ya find some real gems, and vice versa. Great and honest person, always a joy networking with good people.

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Great old school genetics, very excited. My pleasure and honor to acquire hard to get genetics that will be treated well. Great person, very friendly, and helpful. Highly recommended to all, thanks again.

WorkedSeeds sobre el anuncio Warchild hace 3 meses.

Great guy to deal with. Helped me out quite a bit. Really good customer service.