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Socal Seed Vault

Hello Everyone!

We are Socal Seed Vault and we have been growing for many years. We are passionate about genetics, medicinal properties and delivering the best quality strains around. Creator of the High School Sweetheart breath F2 and F3 crosses, Grand Chocolate Crosses and MAC F2 crosses. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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Socal Seed Vault

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One of the Best here. Honest quality and great service.

I've made a couple orders from Socal Seed Vault and B always gets products shipped quickly. Also very generous with freebies. I'll continue to buy from Socal as long as they're still dropping product -- there's fire to be found in these genetics, for sure. Thanks, B!

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One of the top seed vendors I have ever dealt with. The White Russian of last season was a lifesaver and everything is up and away with the God's gift and Rainbow Star. I even have a Hellraiser OG freebie that is going to make Halloween interesting.

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Socal Seed Vault