been growing and collecting seeds for about 10 years. mostly grow/hunt through chem, sour, OG, and cookies. legal and in compliance with Massachusetts marijuana laws.

current strains in garden-

Designer OG (hollywood pure kush x faceoff)
Race Fuel OG (high octane og x faceoff)
Dosido #22 F2 (dosido 22 x dosido)

Sinmint Cookies (forum GSC x bluepower)
Blue Lime Pie (key lime pie x bluepower)

Hibernate (shuteye x stardawg)
Maverick (goji og x stardawg)
Dynamite Diesel (ecsd x stardawg)
Barnburner (fire og x stardawg)

coming soon
archive rudeboi og
archive the sweeties
greenpoint skydweller

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