Pigtails was made aware of the hemp russet mites the same day they arrived. Not weeks as she posted in her review. Lmfao!

There was atleast 20 mites per leaf. This was a full on infestation!!!

She still owes me 100 and claims she paid me in full...paid in full is a lie....keep the money you obviously need it more than i do...lol

Oh, and im not the only customer to get her mites...they are bitching on Roll it up about her bullshit

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Great strainly member to deal with

J was great customer, we unfortunately sent one set of dirty plants to a few weeks ago. we had scoped them before sending and didn't find anything wrong but they assured us there were bugs so we called in some help to find the source. We found that one of the bags of coco we purchased was contaminated and we had used that bag to transplant one of his clones into and the bugs infested the plants while in the box. We checked our entire operation after this with hired help and found that only one of our isolated clone racks was an issue. We had transplanted 8 clones into the same soil.

We destroyed all these clones and closed this room and haven't used it since while we wait for it to be totally clean after nuking it. J was unfortunately the first and only customer effected by this and we thank him for helping us solve the problem before it got out of hand and we sent dirty clones to others.

We scope everything we send out and check the dirt and boxes and ensure they are all sealed now too. We obtain all our clones direct from clean facilities and send them directly to you with only a short stop on an isolated clone rack.

Several customers since J have ordered from us and checked and had no issues.

We gave J a refund minus shipping costs and apologized for our error. As we will do with anyone who finds our clones unviable for any reason.

It's a shame they decided to take weeks to put in a negative reply without explaining the full context of the situation, but again we are sorry for our error thank them for helping us close a vector for contamination before it could get out of hand :)