D'Qar (Darkstar x Jedi Glue) is a mostly indica hybrid (90% indica /10% sativa) strain named after the lush green planet of D'Qar and our newest addition to our Star Wars series strains. You can expect high THC levels and a smoke that is as delicious as it is potent. Her mother Darkstar, although a pure indica strain, grows gangly with lots of flimsy branches (similar to old school Trainwreck), and we have corrected that by crossing her with Jedi Glue. The result is a hybrid with more indica traits - fat leaves, thick stalks and branches and big fat colas. D'Qar is strong enough to Jedi glue you to the couch for hours. She has a delicious indica smell and taste that tells you it's going to be good before you ever try that first hit. D'Qar is good for for chronic pain, stress, and depression. Also good for PTSD. Flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.

Tipo de variedad: Variedad reliquia
Sexo: Regular
Floración: 60 - 70 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares híbridos: Otro
Cantidad disponible: 6000