Snowryder is a 100% auto flowering strain, a hybrid of Lowryder and Snow White. This strain carries a powerful punch and is without a doubt one of the strongest Auto flowering strains to date. Heavy crystaling is a trade mark of snowryder, and trichomes have even been known to appear on the males! The taste and smell of this strain is very similar to Snow white / White widow so is sure to please. Yield is Average, 35g per plant or 150 grams per square meter, the plants are short to medium height averaging 2-4ft. Snowryder is ready to harvest within 80 days whether you plant it outdoors or indoors.

Tipo de variedad: Variedad reliquia
Sexo: Reg.
Floración: Auto-Floración
Rendimiento: Medio
Talla: Media
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares Ruderalis: Otro
Cantidad disponible: 300
Anuncio creado el 22 abr 2019