Terp Hogz -Platinum Seed Pellezino 10 Regular seed pack

Pellezino 10 Regular seed pack By Platinum

Seeds -Terp Hogz

Indica /Sativa 30/70

Classic Sativa dominant traits in the physical aspects of this strain such as thin, spaced out leaf structure, long branches taking with fruit. Bubbly orange Candy terps explode from the plane during veg and flower cycles. Flowers taste exactly at the plenty smells while flowering. Creamy zkittlez underneath sweet orange soda. Great for hydrocarbon extraction because of its pungent aroma and usual great returns.

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Tipo de variedad: IBL (in-bred line)
Sexo: Reg.
Cannabinoides: THC alto / CBD bajo
Floración: 70 - 80 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares híbridos: Kosher Tangie
Cultivares Indica: Zkittlez
Cultivares Sativa: Tangie
Cantidad disponible: 10
Anuncio creado el 7 jun 2019