Purple Bliss (F2)

Photos from L to R: Seeds, Purple Bliss cola closeup, Purple Bliss male (deer damaged), Purple Bliss pollen sacs (wk2 of flower)

Purple Bliss is (Illegal Alien x BOGD) from 7 East Genetics:


Liked the smell of this Purple Bliss--very sweet and tropical, total Hawaiian Punch / face in the candy bin type thing going on. I kinda wanna say it smells like Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow taste.

So when I identified my last Purple Bliss male (just popped 10 seeds), before culling it, I brought a shotglass of Purple Bliss pollen sacs from the lower meadow to my backyard garden and tagged a cola.

Figured a handful of Purple Bliss (F2) seeds will give me a second shot at finding a similar purple-flowered phenotypical expression akin to the one pictured in 7 East Genetics' photography. Of the 10 seeds I grew, none showed any purpling. But was pleasantly surprised by such sweet flavours in this one female I kept. Gave away other females and culled males.

Been smoking on this Purple Bliss last week or so too. Has a delicious candy aftertaste, but the pronounced candy terps disappear after first couple tokes, becomes more of a burnt caramel flavour.

Note: Listed as "IBL" but currently not stable. Just a F2 of a new varietal currently undergoing yearly outdoor selection pressures and selection for colour and candy smell. Just a little bit inbred.

Tipo de variedad: IBL (in-bred line)
Sexo: Reg.
Cannabinoides: THC alto / CBD bajo
Floración: 70 - 80 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cantidad disponible: 30
Anuncio creado el 9 nov 2019