Strawberry Glue f2 with Mac freebies

Covid special to help out indoor growers while they are wwnt your grow room to be filled with delicious strawberry aromas.. these are the strains..without paying an arm and a leg for other breeders Strawberry strains.. .I will be making other flavors soon. These strains find the pheno with aroma will become keepers in your garden.

Strawberry Gorilla f2 (13 seeds ) regs.

Freebies includes the following

Mac x Gammaberry (3 seeds) reg

$25 shipped add $5 if want tracking .if not I send regular mail..they all arrive..but if want the tracking . Add the $5 for post office fees..

25 seeds total.

Won't last long limited special with freebies.

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Tipo de variedad: Híbrida
Sexo: Reg.
Floración: <60 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Media
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares híbridos: Gorilla Glue #4
Cultivares Sativa: Strawberry Cough
Cantidad disponible: 10
Anuncio creado el 23 may 2020