Common Culture Stealth In-Line Duct Exhaust Fan

Common Culture Stealth In-Line Duct Exhaust Fan - 4 in, 6 in, 8 in

Use the Common Culture Stealth In-Line Duct Exhaust Fan to ventilate excess heat from your grow space. Combine with Common Culture ducting and carbon filtration to maximize odor control.

4" In-Line Fan - 165 CFM
6" In-Line Fan - 400 CFM
8" In-Line Fan - 720 CFM


  1. Upon purchase, the fan equipment should be visually inspected to check for any damage. Ensure that the impeller has free rotation without scraping or catching on any part of the internal housing.

  2. If there are any questions concerning the fan equipment, GrowersHouse or the retailer should be contacted prior to the installation.

  3. Use the mounting brackets included with the fan system to securely fasten the unit in the desired mounting position.

  4. Check the details on the motor rating plate to ensure that the correct power supply (voltage, frequency and phase) is available. An incorrect power supply may lead to permanent damage to the fan motor.

  5. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram, and ensure that all ground connections are made.

  6. Means for electrical disconnection must be incorporated in the wiring installation in accordance with the relevant wiring and electrical regulations.


All Common Culture series in-line duct fans incorporate sealed for life bearings and therefore do not require any lubrication. We would recommend inspection of the product at least once every 12 months to ensure that the motor, impellor, and supporting guards are clean. All fastenings should be checked for tightness and security. In addition, all rotating items should be checked. To inspect the unit, disconnect it from the power supply and any duct work. If debris is evident on the impeller, clean it with a damp (not wet) cloth. DO NOT use any detergents or abrasive materials for cleaning.

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