Banana Runtz #6 x Point Break

Viking Gardens presents…
Photo Reg . 12seeds per pack

Banana Runtz #6 Select Keeper Cut solfiregardens
(8Ft Tall and Very Wide Bigger Bush)
Banana OG OrgnKid Cut x The Real Runtz Clone
Our 18th Banana Runtz we have seen now over the years and our #6 of the 3rd package at our house was that lucky third charm where We found the keeper Banana Runtz hitting a dominate Runtz pheno that has it all including Smell , exotic structure , looks , appeal and with Heavy Yeild ! The profile is really really Runtz and it colors off to a Pitch Black and Dark Purple with major Sour Gas that is so high pitched it’s stank dank sour skunk Petrol fuel bio hazard type . Not much raw banana , but the sweet candy banana is really there .


Point Break (10Ft+ Male Stud ! Tall Canopy with perfect candelabra structure and had tops that looked like big big kola makers ! Lighter Green stem and dark purple stripes all over the balls and a smell of hard core orange artificial electric Loud Orange like Navels with sweet sugary not tart or sour and you can smell the gas and raunchy gas on the stem rubs . Thick growth and had me fooled for what I thought was a keeper female the whole time before it finally showed that it was male )

This breed was made for pure hash washing in our prime stock ! She does make me think she can compete in a commercial environment as well due to the abundance of flowers and the terp profile the flowers have after cured for months, it’s prime time top shelf !

Harvested under the Blood Moon ! October 2021 !
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Tipo de variedad: Híbrida
Sexo: Regular
Floración: 60 - 70 días
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares híbridos: Otro
Cultivares Indica: Otro
Cultivares Sativa: Otro
Cantidad disponible: 50