AutoFlower -Thors Hammer F5 Auto. Fast Flowering Edition

15+ Seeds per pack ! Please add 5$ for shipping ! Comes with Free Large Logo Wall Sticker Slap and Free Small Logo Sticker of Viking Gardens with Package .

Thor’s Hammer F5
Fast Flowering -Limited Edition

60 days with Most Finishing at 53 days flowering !

Germ Tested 100% 50 out of 50 !

is a creation made for stealth , speed and results ! This was made after I found a Male Thors Hammer F4 that was very quick to grow big and had all the traits that were desired to go along with the extra traits of the speed more then any males I’ve ever encountered thus far with Thors Hammer witch is 1000s of cultivars . I found a Female shortly after with the same traits with the same surprising speed to finish and even the seeds were finished early and started popping out of the caylax at 4 weeks after pollination ! Very Special to finish so fast and so abundant and spectacular as they were bursting with beans sticking out from the tops as they were all ready to be harvested early as they were mature stripped and ready for the testing . Not only was the flower finished at 50 days with Amber trichomes and no white hairs left , it was swollen full and ready to be harvested she was coloring out with mature looks , the Cultivar had big wonderful structure and it yielded large with abundant frost frok tip to tip w/ extra speed traits that were really worth the time to breed with . This was something I knew I wanted and I was looking for a long time .I finally have the fastest flowering times with all the traits to go with it on this opportunity to offer ,AutoFlower Thors Hammer at Viking Gardens .

Viking Gardens Genetics is Proud to present an exclusive version of Thors Hammer called the fast flowering limited edition on this 5th generation of TH .

We have been working to bring new genetics and new version of our own genetics in order to bring better genetics and better growing into the future . We behind the screen , breed for soul and passion of the AutoFlower in order to preserve and prepare the future for the oncoming new waves of AutoFlowers that are being created . The old AutoFlower back in the 80’s - and 90’s were really not worthy of todays AutoFlower but we still owe homage to the guys that kept it alive in its young stages of the industry . As 2022 is rolling in , myself and others are finding new ways to make the AutoFlower bigger and better then ever , and with Thors Hammer we have been able to bring a lot to the table to ensure they keep growing into the future of . This sub species of flowers in its own and is very resistant to Mother Nature and will survive amongst the best of them outdoors , indoors they are a treat for they finish quick and have no issues with transition of lighting schedules and they produce well .

Tipo de variedad: Híbrida
Sexo: Regular
Floración: Auto-Floración
Rendimiento: Alto
Talla: Alta
Interior / Exterior:
Cultivares híbridos: Otro
Cultivares Indica: Otro
Cultivares Sativa: Otro
Cultivares Ruderalis: Otro
Cantidad disponible: 15