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~91 Chemdog Skunkva February
~Apple Fritter (Lumpy's cut)
~Bacio Mai Tai aka Truffle Pig by Clearwater
~Berner’s Cookies
~Bickett OG (Cherry Pie GMO)
~Biscotti (Gelato #25 x Cookies x Florida OG)
~Candy Rain
~Cereal Milk (Cookie Fam)
~Cereal Milk (Str8 Lemonade x Thin Mints) (Limited Trees cut)
~Cheetah Piss (Cookie Fam)
~Chem D (varigated cut)
~Chem’s Sis
~Cherry Banger ((Purple Sunset #4 x Quattro Kush f3) x WatermelonZkittlez x Cookies #16)
~Cherry Pie (Cookie Fam cut)
~Concord Cream ((Purple Urkle x Bubba Kush) x Cookies & Cream)
~Cuvee (Pinot Noir x Space Queen)
~Forbidden Fruit (Tangie x Cherry Pie)
~Forbidden Jelly
~Gary Payton February
~Gelato #33 Larry Bird (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mints)
~Gelato #41 Bacio (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mints) February
~Gelato #45 (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mints)
~Gelato #47 Mochi (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mints) February
~Gelatti (Gelato x Biscotti)
~Georgia Pie #29 February
~GMO (Garlic Meat and Onions) February
~Goji OG f2 #3
~Goji OG f2 #6
~Goji OG f2 #13
~Granddaddy Purple (Ken Estes cut)
~Grape Ape
~Grape Pie February
~Guerilla Glue #4 (Josey Whales cut)
~Gushers (Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush)
~Jet Fuel Gelato
~Ice Pie
~Indiana Bubblegum
~King Louis XIII
~LA Confidential (OG LA Affie x Afghani)
~Lemon Tree
~London Poundcake #75
~Loompa's Headband
~Marshmallow OG #09 (Compound)
~Massachusetts Super Skunk
~Mendo Breath February
~Mothership (old Humboldt cut)
~Mr. Nice (old Humboldt purple pheno) February
~Mystery Runtz #5
~Mystery Runtz #12
~Northern Lights #5
~Oak Town Crippler (Blue Moonshine x Trainwreck) February
~OG Kush (Larry)
~Pancakes (Kush Mintz #11 x London Poundcake #75)
~Pirate’s Cake
~Pirate’s Milk #2
~Point Break (Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife)
~Pure Kush (80s clone cut aka LA Pure Kush)
~Purple Urkle
~Red Runtz February
~Runtz - (Zkittlez x Gelato 33)
~Schrom (Romulan x Columbian)
~Slurricane #7
~Sour Chem
~Sour Dubble (BOG cut)
~Space Runtz (Runtz x Candy Rain)
~Strawberry Banana (Banana Kush x Bubblegum (strawberry pheno)) (14er cut)
~Strawberry Cough (Strawberry Fields x Haze) (Kyle Kushman cut)
~Sundae Driver February
~Sunset Sherbet February
~Sunset Sherbet x Space Runtz
~Super Lemon Haze (Franco's cut)
~Tampa Crippy
~Tangerine Dream
~Thin Mints (F1 Durban Poison x OG Kush)
~Topanga Canyon OG x Zkittlez Cake (Jungle Boyz)
~Trainwreck (E32 Arcata cut)
~Triangle Kush
~Tropicana Cookies (Tangie x Cookies)
~Wedding Cake
~Zkittlez February

When the cuts arrive, do not immediately plant wet clone plug into soil and water. You are depriving the roots of oxygen and causing it to dampen off

Micronized Sulfur powder
Safer Mineral Oil
Monteray Insect Spray
Monteray Takedown Spray
Mildew Cure
Zerotol 2.0
SF Nematods
Botaniguard ES
Compost Tea

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Great looking cut. Thanks bro. I’ll definitely come back for more

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quickship good looks!!

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Great guy with a great reputation and even better cuts!

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