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Two-dog is a deceptive and spiritually dangerous plant to consume or cultivate.

For twelve years, Two-dog was my everything in life. I've consumed it in high doses (6000 mg +) and had visions. I've smoked 10-20 gram+ joints daily for the past seven years.

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars acquiring seeds, and invested over a decade of income and energy into stewardship and propagation of the plant. In the last four years, Two-dog has been my sole source of income. I've collected dozens of books and magazines. I've written hundreds of thousands of words about the plant in articles and peer communication. I've grown several long-flowering equatorial lines and hundreds of Afghanica and Ruderalis cultivars.

All my clothes are made of hemp fibre, or made of cotton with Two-dog imagery/brands. On my walls are all original paintings and drawings of Two-dog leaves and flowers by various artists, Two-dog posters, flags, scarves, bandanas and various paraphernalia, including an all-local hand-blown glass pipe collection. I've created and collected over 400 GB of photography and scans from publications. I've been writing a book about cultivation and spirituality for the past nine years. I've worked at dozens of small medical grows up to 3100 plants and managed mid-scale hemp cultivation sites up to 15 acres active production. All my friends are breeders, medical patients, and/or lifelong smokers.

And despite this, I just finished burning approximately 20+lbs of dried cured well manicured herb. With it, another 30,000+ seeds of 400+ different lineages, collected from nearly a decade of trading and breeding. All the remedies I have (oils and tinctures) have been poured down the drain. The topicals and edibles are in the trash.

Two-dog is a deceptive and spiritually dangerous plant to consume or cultivate. Its application as 'hemp' cultivated for food, fuel, and fibre is appropriate. Psychoactive constituents of the plant should not be consumed or bred for.

Two-dog used as a habitual, ritualistic or recreational drug violates the Temple of the Body and opens one to become vulnerable to subtle demonic influence over time. While it does not have the same apparent detriments to the body as alcohol or heroin do, I believe it to be far more dangerous and detrimental toward the spiritual and moral wellness of man. Its danger lies in that it can corrupt imperceptibly over time, leaving the user without memory of or belief in God's presence.

If you consume the Two-dog plant daily, or breed or cultivate the plant primarily for its psychoactive compounds, please consider reviewing the teachings of Christ now. Allow yourself to hear, see, and feel the Good News. If you agree in your heart with the Law as it was preached by Christ, ask yourself sincerely if Two-dog use is compatible with the Father's will for our lives.

I can speak personally from a life of many traumas, to say that smoking Two-dog can feel like a blessing--like it is a gift from God to help us endure pain, or to help one grow wiser, or to feel good on a whim, or to help one connect with others despite differences. I thought the Two-dog plant brought peace and understanding. I thought it was meant to unite humanity.

But in truth, Two-dog seeks to divide. It brings the user to self-centeredness and spiritual darkness; a complete blindness to God's light. It breeds apathy and allows complacency with injustice. It undermines good works through habitual sloth. It inspires lust and gluttony. It leaves the user irritable and quick to anger. The Two-dog plant welcomes upon the consumer, all seven of the deadly sins, while all mindfulness of virtue and morality fades away in unimportance.

Whatever peace I believed the Two-dog plant offered to my heart, I now know that it is only a hollow feeling compared to the whole love of the Father. In Christ one finds true peace and love. The Two-dog plant is a tool of deception.

If you have supported me financially, thank you so kindly. But I am sorry to have distributed the seeds I have. All my seeds are now destroyed. And to those who were kind enough to offer their seed to me in friendship, I am also sorry--for not honouring your gifts as they were intended.

If you have expertise in cultivation or passion for herbal medicine, I suggest you investigate other medicinal plants and food crops with great urgency. There is serious demand for healthy food that must be met. The unnecessary expenditure of resources toward for-profit recreational cultivation is a grievous mistake we have all made as individuals, and as a society. Farmland and farmers must exist to produce food for their communities, not smoke. How many people will starve while the greenhouses flower?

Before I go, I must mention that I am grateful for the hard-working team behind Strainly, and other great communities such as the Probiotic Farmer's Alliance and Overgrow. These generous and joy-loving people have inspired and encouraged me for years, and I appreciate all I've learned and everyone I've met along the way. It is human individuals who are the most precious part of the community, much more so than culture or even the plant itself.

Thank you everyone, for the support and love.

-Dr. Zinko

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