Reggie Alston

A Medical/Recreational Cannabis Organization Breeder Strain Hunter And Seed Junky Based In California On A Mission To Bring Back The Most Important And Isolated Cannabis Strains Known To Man And Woman Over The Past (15) Years We Have Collected Some Of The Most Unique And Rare Genetics From Strains All Over The World To This Day The Hunt Is Still On I Am A Seed Junky/Hoarder With ALot Of Different Cultivars,Other Breeder Packs And Genetics Most Of The Seed Collection Are Packs From “Cup Winning” Advanced Well Known Breeders My Top Priority Is Great Customer Service Helping And Keeping My Fellow Growers Happy.... CLONE POLICY=ONCE I SHIP AND PROVIDE TRACKING# IF PACKAGE GETS INTERCEPTED BY ENFORCEMENT,BORDER PATROL ETC IM SORRY BUT THATS CHANCES WE BOTH TAKE ITS OUT OF MY HANDS..IF RECIEVE PACKAGE AND OPEN IT IF ANY ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD,WILTED ETC WASTE NO TIME TEXT ME RIGHT AWAY..IF YOU GO TRANSPLANT THEM AND A FEW DAYS THEY DIE THATS NOT MY FAULT THATS OUT OF MY HANDS THEY WERE TAMPERED..THANK YOU

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Give this guy 5 ⭐️!! He’s a class act. I accidentally double paid him and he sent me back one of the payments. Honest trustworthy guy no joke! Life long customer here brother! Can’t wait to pop these beans

FARMERTY918 à propos de l'annonce CMG-EVO OG KUSH (10 CT) il y a 18 heures.

I was amazed with how smooth this went! The package is beautiful and I am super excited to try something new!

Jason417 à propos de l'annonce ORIGINAL GLUE (GG4) CLONES il y a 12 jours.

Reggie is the man! Smooth,fast & painless experience!

James Velleca à propos de l'annonce INDIANA BUBBLEGUM (CLONES) il y a 12 jours.