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Cloney Soprano


I specialize in LEGITIMATE HEIRLOOM and current Elites that I personally enjoy.


-Sunday - 2 auctions both starting at 100

-Mon-Thursday 2 random strains for 100 dollar starting bid

-Fri-Saturday - High-end weekend with higher price tier strains starting bid at 200

Always throwing in some random reward system for bids getting up high , using these auctions as a way to get some slept on strains out there and some chances for anyone to get high demand elites for much cheaper

•Orders over 500 dollars receive 1 freebie strain
•Orders over 1000 dollars receive 2 freebie strains •Orders over 2000 dollars a receive 4 freebie strains
•Unrooted clones 20% off and you receive 3-5 cuts
•rockwool rooted clone is listed price
•rooted and vegged solo cup add 50 dollars to listed price
60 for express

USA ONLY! ( will send to US proxy for out of US orders)

PAYMENT- cash app/Venmo/PayPal
High end glass ( JD, Eusheen, Gong, salt, mothership, Kurt B is what I collect for but will check out anything 2k and up in value)

Sealed seed packs ( most anything hype 2008 and earlier breeder packs, old valuable only and some newer valuable packs) KEYWORD IS VALUABLE

ALL glass and seed trades YOU SHIP FIRST W/ TRACKS

ALL SALES FINAL ! Absolutely No refunds!

-If you expect OG’s and SOUR to look as current as your newer strains please don’t bother with a purchase and complain that your custies are not into heirloom bag appeal…. old dank doesn’t always look like newer hype strains (no shit, right? But I have to make some things very transparent for the people in the back)

  • If dead on arrival send a pic and I will reship to ya free of charge

    • you get tracking ASAP. Perishable items like plants require you to wait for your package and bring it inside upon delivery instantly or you risk an error that is out of my control.

-if your package sits outside in extreme weather for hours and is already shirvled dry or frozen when you decide to open your package then clearly THAT IS COMPLETELY ON YOU ! You are not owed anything if you’re own actions result in death but I will still reship just not out of pocket!

-if needed you will be reimbursed a new clone on any issues upon arrival, again and again until you have the genetic you paid for. If it’s something I personally messed up I will hook it up in extra genetics on top of your order without a doubt!

Cloney wants you to return happy and high - not pissed off and broke!

-Current Library (about 80 percent of my stock but not everything is up for grabs , sorry!)
1. GMO smf cut elite 1k
2. Chemdog D elite 500
3. Tangieland 200
4. sour diesel 250
5. Strawnana 14er cut 200
6. GG4 200
7. 97 blueberry 250
8. Pink lemonade 200
9. Dirty taxi 300
10. Sunshine#4 500
11. Heirloom Afghani NFS
12. Deadhead og sun simulator cut 1k
13. Grape pie (cannarado cut) 200
14. Candy land (king Klone) 200
15. Headband notsodog NFS
16. Deathstar 500
17. Runtz (pcg cut) 300
18. Apple fritter (lumpy) 250
19. Funfetti (cherry pie x animal cookie) 200
20. Jealousy (seed junky cut) 200
21. Triangle kush (90s cut) 500
22. Lemon cherry gelato (cannatique) 300
23. Yahemi (Melonatta x Project 4516) 200
24. Purple urkle s1 200
25. Texas shoreline (heirloom 90s skunk) 1000
26. jet fuel 500
27. zookies 300
28. banana og 300
29. ghost og 300
30. Chemdog (orignal 91 cut) 300
31. og Tahoe og 300
32. Raspberry pebbles 300
33. grape stomper ggg cut 300
34. death coast diesel 200
35. GDP 2003 cut 1000
36. Haileys comet piff 500
37. Mob 500
38. Elvis 500
39. Lemon royal 300
40. Skunk diesel 200
41. Sourh African kwaZulu 200
42. Trinity 1000
43. A.s.s 1000
44. Uk cheese north cal circulated cut- 300
45. Rks heime cheeba seed pack sift 500
46. Fire OG rascal cut 500
47. Girl Scout cookies fourm cut NFS
48. The Cough fort Collins cut NFS
49. Purple kush sr71 200
50. Hazmat OG NFS
51. Hardcore OG (russsin assassin boys ) NFS
52. Giesel (orignal clone only ) 300
53. DogWalker OG NFS
54. Psychosis (UK 90s cut) TBD
55. Brightside UK Cheese (orignal cheese cut) TBD
56. Grapefruit Diesel (soma cut) TBD
57. DayWrecker (orignal diesel )TBD

Numéro de license: 42069
Paiement et expédition: Cash app -Venmo - PayPal - High end glass - NO CASH PAYMENTS!

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Cloney is a great seller, with good business.

I recommend hitting the follow button. Clones arrived few days later from across the U.S. super healthy nice big cuttings. I will be shopppng with cloney again and I suggest you do as well.


Tinypitbull à propos de l'annonce Banana OG + GG4 il y a 9 jours.


Lucas à propos de l'annonce Deadhead OG + Blue berry il y a 12 jours.

Came a day late (mail here sucks) and still looked baller… thanks Cloney! Will buy again!

Jeff à propos de l'annonce GDP + zookies (auction) il y a 18 jours.
Cloney Soprano