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Everything went smoothly, and worked out great.

@notill.hankhill à propos de l'annonce MAC by Capulator il y a 8 mois.

Fast shipping and easy to deal, thanks!!

Primordial Beanz à propos de l'annonce The Cali Connection Blackwater il y a 12 mois.

The trade we had the last time was such a good trade , we thought we would go again

The trade we had this time was the biggest I’ve had on strainly , and it was an 1100 seed trade yes you got it 1100 seeds

55 packs of ten and 5 x 111 seeds of 5 more different strains

And the whole deal went with out a hitch

Hunter has become a very good strainly trader and a very good friend

This man is

BUDZARELICIOUS à propos de l'annonce Aficianado White Cherry Truffle Pollen il y a 1 ans.