Echelon Gardens

Organic / probiotically produced
Tested in multiple environments.

We are not a clone bank. All of our plants are production and breeding plants. Availability is always limited and the clones are treated with care and detail. I do also have a rotating menu of slips as well. Feel free to message me for availability and reservations. Thank you

All pollen is hand collected and immediately sifted for all vegetative matter to ensure no moisture leaching into the pollen during the drying process.
It is dried , put into a storage receptacle and stored in a temperature controlled environment with desiccants to again make sure there is no moisture damage. This allows for maximum viability and shelf life. All pollen for sale is surplus from projects. No pollen is harvested with the intention of sales. What does this mean? It means we won't sell you any pollen that we ourselves have not used or intended to use. We only collect pollen from males that we feel are suitable for breeding projects.

IG @ethereal_symbiotic
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Really good guy; I would definitely recommend! The Kimbo took off as soon as it got some new shoes

Tim à propos de l'annonce Kimbo Kush il y a 8 jours.

I enjoyed the whole transaction process. Echelon Gardens was very nice to talk with, friendly, and very knowledgeable about "The Plant" - in my opinion A Very strong Strainly member!!

This is the third time I have bought genetics from Echelon Gardens and have no doubt that I will be buying from Echelon Gardens again - Thanks Again for the freebee, you really blew my mind on that one.

Very good vibes to a great Strainly seller :)

stem à propos de l'annonce Kimbo Kush il y a 16 jours.

Great person to work with, smooth transaction. Would definitely recommend

Kaptians Vault à propos de l'annonce Deathstar ( Ohio clone only) il y a 5 mois.