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About Me:

I'm a private personal grower looking to trade and acquire genetics. I have been growing and collecting various varieties for over 20 years. I'm primarily concerned with keeping older and rare genetics alive and healthy to preserve a library consisting of the genetics that have been the building blocks of the great strains that have arisen over the last 50+ years.

My current setup is modest - if you think you are small time - I'm smaller time. But, I sometimes have extra clones when I replace my mother plants. Those are what I offer here. I keep all my mothers tiny to fit them into my small garden, so my clones may be the tiniest you've ever seen.

But, if your goal is to simply acquire the genetics to establish your own mother plant, the tiny ones work just as good as the bigger ones, if they have good roots. They're only a day or two of good veg growth away from being as big as some of the clones typically available on Strainly. I only list clones that are vigorously rooting - so, each of them should grow rapidly once transplanted to your garden.


If it's listed - I have a clone ready to go to you - unless, I was just not quick enough on the draw to take a listing down after I sent a clone out. Please message me through the "contact" button first to check on availability before clicking on the "offer" button - so we both limit our aggravation if a clone has been taken but I haven't had the chance to take the listing down yet.


Due to my garden's size limitations, a trade may require some patience to complete. However, if I have something you want and you have something to trade me in the list below of the clones I want, please do not hesitate to message me and I will contact you once it becomes available. I will likewise show patience and commit to whatever trade we work out, even if your clone is not yet quite ready to be shipped.


USPS priority shipping is included in the price, except for international orders. I ship in packages that keep the clone fastened securely to protect her from bumpy rides in her transit to you, insulated to protect from the weather and sealed to contain the smell.

Note on "verified" clones:

I'm very conservative about what I consider to be a "verified" clone - sometimes I even list as unverified a clone that I got from someone who considered it to be verified, due to these conservative standards. Generally, I only consider a plant to be "verified" if the person who popped the seed says it's the real deal. That said, some of those growers are now dead and I'm not chasing the ones who are alive - Chemdog or SKVA (for example) - to verify my clone.

In the old days, the only way we knew a clone was the real deal was to grow it out and compare our experience with that of our fellow growmies. If it matched credible descriptions by the creator or those close to the creator - it was considered to be the real deal, i.e., "verified". That's the best I can do when the creator of a clone has passed on.

So, those are the two instances in which I will consider a clone to be verified.

But, short of that, if a clone is in my list below as "unverified", I have information that leads me to believe it is the real deal - yet, the information falls short of what I consider "verified", as described above. Generally, each of the unverified clones eventually slips into "verified" territory, as the information I acquire about it becomes available.

I posted this note because "verification" is not as simple as many novice growers seem to think because environmental differences among gardens can change the morphology of a plant. Sometimes even the creator of a clone is fooled by this - as happened to Chemdog himself with regard to the "JB" cut. In several instances - Chem '91, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, for example, I believe the same clones having different morphology due to environmental adaptation have falsely been determined to contain different DNA and have mistakenly become known to be different plants (i.e., popped from different seed).

Varieties I have and varieties I'll trade you for:

I have these:

Afgooey (Old NorCal Clone Only; unverified) AK-47 (rare cherry phenotype; original issue Serious Seeds F1; verified) Alien OG (Bagseed S1 of Bay Area Cut; verified) Apple Fritter (Lumpy's Cut; unverified) Banana OG, aka Banana Kush, aka Chiquita Banana (Orgnkd cut; unverified) Beatrix Choice (AK Bean Brains F2; verified) Blueberry Muffin (Humbolt Seed Company F1; DHN; verified) Blue Dream (Santa Cruz cut; DHN; verified) Bruce Banner #3 (Delta 9 Labs clone; unverified) Capstone (Cap's Cut; PCG; verified) Chem '91 (Skunk VA Cut; unverified) Chem 4 (Clone only; unverified) Chem D (Clone only; unverified) Chem's Sis (Clone only; unverified Cherry Pie (Cookie Family; unverified) Chile Verde (DHN; verified) Cinderella 99 (Peak Seeds; verified) Chocolate Diesel, aka, ChocoDiesel (Clone only; unverified) Cuban Black Haze (Legendary clone; PCG; verified) Fatso (Phinest; verified) Fruity Pebbles OG, aka FPOG (Clone only; unverified) Gelato #33 ("Larry Bird" clone; Cookie Family; PCG; verified) Gelato #47 ("Mochi" clone; Cookie Family; unverified) Granimals (Cannarado Cut; unverified) Grape Ape (Kyle Kushman; DHN; verified) Grapefruit (Legendary clone; unverified) Green Crack (Legendary clone; unverified) Hella Jelly, fka, Jelly Rancher (Humbolt Seed Company F1; DHN; verified) Hi-5 (CBG Hemp Clone; verified) Indiana Bubblegum (legendary clone; unverified) Knights Templar OG (DHN; verified) MAC 1 (Cap's Cut; PCG; verified) Mango OG (Clone only; Mango Diesel X OG Kush; verified) Massachussetts Super Skunk ('88 Cut; unverified) Mothership (Clone only; unverified) NYC Piff #3 S2 (Piff Coast Farms; PCG; verified) OG Kush ("Fire OG"; unverified) OG Kush (Ghost cut from orgnkd; unverified) OG Kush ("True OG"; unverified) Purple Urkel (legendary clone; unverified) Romulan Grapefruit (DHN; verified) Runtz (Cookie Family; unverified) Runtz (Cookie Family; PCG; verified) Slime (Super Lemon Haze x Crumbled Lime; verified) Sour Diesel (A.J.; PCG; verified) Sour Diesel (Weasel; unverified) Space Candy (TGA Subcool Seeds/Heroes of the Farm F1; verified) Starberry Cough (Kyle Kushman; DHN; verified) Strawberry Cough (Original; John Daniels cut; unverified) Strawberry Cough (New version; Kyle Kushman; DHN; verified) Sunset Sherbert (Cookie Family; unverified) Super Lemon Haze (Franco's Cut; PCG; verified) Tangie (Crotchett's Family Farm F1; verified) Trainwreck (Humbolt Seed Company; DHN; verified) Triangle Kush (Legendary clone; unverified) Wedding Cake (Seed Junky Genetics F1; Jbeezy cut; PCG; verified) Zookies (Alien Labs; DHN; verified)

To trade for these:

Select male clones (of any "fire" variety) Amnesia ("Core Cut") Apollo 11 (F1; "old" Brothers Grimm) Apollo 13 (F1; "old" Brothers Grimm) Beatrix's Choice (SSSC F1) Big Sur Holy W_ _d (Legendary strain/clone) Blackberry (Clone only; mother of Blackberry Kush) Black Cherry Soda (Subcool clone) Black Domina ('98 F1) Blackberry Kush (Legendary clone) Blowfish (Dutch Flowers F1 - or F2 from Three Little Birds or Jojorizo) Bogbubble (BOG F1) Cafe Girl ("old" Brothers Grimm clone) Casey Jones (Legendary strain/clone) Cherry Noir (Clone only) Chocolate Thai (Legendary clone) Cinderella 99 (F1; "old" Brothers Grimm) Colombian Gold (Clone or seed) Destroyer (Clone or seed) Durban ('82 Ed Rosenthal cut) Durban Thai (Brothers Grimm clone) Durban Thai Highflier (F1; "old" Brothers Grimm) Francine (Clone only) G13 (Original, Airborne and/or Pacific clone) G13/Haze (Neville F1) G13/HP, a/k/a, 88G13HP, a/k/a "Mr. Nice" (Neville F1) Gelato #41 ("Bacio" clone; Cookie Family) Gelato #42 (Cookie Family clone) Gelato #49 ("Acai Berry" clone; Cookie Family) Genius (Brothers Grimm clone) Gushers (Cookie Family) Haze A (Neville F1) Haze C (Neville F1) Jacks Cleaner (Legendary clone) Lifesaver (BOG F1) London Poundcake (Cookie Family clone) Mass Super Skunk '86 (Legendary clone) Neville's Haze (Legendary strain/clone) Oregon Purple Thai (Legendary clone) Pineapple Express (Legendary clone) Purple Panty Dropper (Humbolt Seed Company F1) Princess (Brothers Grimm clone) Road Kill Skunk (Legendary clone) Shiva Skunk (Original F1) Trainwreck (legendary clone) Trinity (Legendary clone) Vision Thai (Vision F1) White Widow (Aloha cut) Williams Wonder (SSSC F1) Willy Nelson (Legendary strain/clone) Zkittlez (Clone only)

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I paid for the clone it got shipped out that night. On the day I was supposed to recieved it my post office had some issues so they decided to return to sender. Don't know why so I called and complained to the post office. Next day it said return to sender but the delivered it to me. I recieved it on the 3day. When I opened it. It was already wilted probably from the 90+ heat... I reached out to rod and he immediately sent out another no charge. It made it in less than 2days. I recieved a very healthy and happy cut. I will definitely reach back out when I need some more. Thank you Rod.

Michael à propos de l'annonce Purple Urkel - Legendary Clone Only! il y a 3 jours.

Smooth and fast transaction. Highly recommended. Will be back !

Ken à propos de l'annonce Hella Jelly, fka, Jelly Rancher - Dark Hear Nursery il y a 8 jours.

Definitely a positive experience. Smooth transaction. Very satisfied. Thank You

Jeffrey à propos de l'annonce Sour Diesel - Weasel's Cut il y a 15 jours.
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