Sunset Stomper (Grape Stomper X Sunset Sherbet)

Rare one of a kind specimen. Like many other indicas, Sunset Stomper has a high that mounts slowly, often taking several minutes after a toke before its effects are fully detected. What begins as a pressure in the eyes and forehead soon melts into droopy relaxation in the limbs and torso, leaving smokers content to crash in the closest comfortable surroundings. A little bit of this strain goes a long way, and even more experienced users may not need much to feel the full weight of its sedation. That’s not to say that Sunset Stomper is without mental stimulation, however. Even if users stay couch-locked, they may find that this variety provokes imaginative thinking and daydreaming and keeps the mind lucid and alert. Sunset Stomper brings about a uniquely uplifted and social vibe that works especially well in small social gatherings with trusted friends. It’s appropriate for use at any time of day -- but, true to its name, Sunset Stomper is a particularly good dessert-time treat.

Type de variété: Hybride (F1)
Sexe: Feminisée / Femelle
THC %: 24.0
Cannabinoïdes: THC élevé / Faible CBD
Floraison: 60 - 70 jours
Rendement: Élevé
Taille: Grande
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Cultivars hybrides: Sunset Sherbert
Cultivars Indica: Granddaddy Purple
Quantité disponible: 50
Annonce créée 22 nov. 2019