Grape Pie (Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie) by Cannarado/Harry Palms

A heavy Indica-leaning hybrid of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, Grape Pie offers sweet, doughy flavors similar to Cookies variants, but with a syrupy-grape addition. The strain is gaining steam among home growers and dispensaries in California and Colorado since its introduction a couple of years ago, and is growing in popularity thanks to breeders like the Jungle Boys and Cannarado Genetics. At first glance, I assumed Grape Pie was some purple-strain-crossed with Girl Scout Cookies, but I was intrigued to learn that its parents are Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. I’ve always been a fan of Cherry Pie’s prolonged high and tart cherry flavor, but Grape Stomper’s sativa-leaning high and tart, acidic flavor have always been hard to figure out, especially during my first few experiences with it, as most grape strains carry heavy body highs.

Its foxtailing buds are a complex purple, with a heavy dose of trichomes and intense sweet flavor reminiscent of grape soda or even a grape blunt — but don’t burn through this pie with any flavored crust. Enjoy it with an unflavored joint or clean glass, and your lips will smack until you pass out.

Smell: The combination of syrup and sour notes swells in the nostrils to the point of pinching them and almost feeling spicy, but a calming fruity sensation and subtle grainy notes of soil appear to balance it out.

Type de variété: Hybride (F1)
Sexe: Feminisée / Femelle
THC %: 23.0
Cannabinoïdes: THC élevé / Faible CBD
Floraison: 60 - 70 jours
Rendement: Élevé
Taille: Grande
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Cultivars hybrides: Cherry Pie
Cultivars Indica: Granddaddy Purple
Quantité disponible: 50
Annonce créée 4 déc. 2019