2 for 1 Giveaway! Sour Bubble x Cherry Pie (Regular)

Bog's Sour Bubble male was used to pollinate a beautiful Cherry Pie female plant. The offspring is a match made in heaven. Sour hashy cherry notes combine with the pungent distinctive odor of the sharp Durban Poison notes found in the Cherry Pie. These plants exhibit leaves the size of dinner plates and are short squat growing in nature. Dense, resinous purple buds are the reward to growers of any skill level as it is incredibly easy to grow. Packs of 12 seeds are $50 plus $5 shipping

Type de variété: Hybride
Sexe: Reg.
Floraison: <60 jours
Rendement: Moyen
Taille: Moyenne
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Cultivars Indica: Bubblegum Kush
Cultivars Sativa: Durban Poison
Quantité disponible: 100
Annonce créée 14 jan. 2020