Cannarado Genetics - Lemon Biscotti Sundae

Lemon Biscotti Sundae by Cannarado Genetics

(Lemon G x Biscotti Sundae)

Biscotti Sundae = (Biscotti (Connected Cannabis Cut) x Sundae Driver F1) by Cannarado Genetics

Rado's Notes:

Most lemon piney plant you’ll grow this year. Flower structure and resin content has been greatly improved upon from the original Lemon G mother.

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Type de variété: Hybride
Sexe: Reg.
Floraison: 60 - 70 jours
Rendement: Élevé
Taille: Moyenne
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Cultivars Sativa: Lemon G
Quantité disponible: 1
Annonce créée 27 juin 2020