Masonic - Owen Wilson 10+ regular seeds

The only motherfucker i know more stupid looking than Riot is this insecure motherfucker right here. He acts like he d0nt know how to get, Keep or handle pussy. He made a whole Instagram page just to let Riot know that he occupies most of what he calls a brain to everything his man is doing. All the head pats and thats a good boy his retarded ass Riot needs to be able to just water his plants. He straight bit Oni for everything Masonic is worth and keeps pollinating bitches like he never got any and never will again. Isnt their a Wilson Wall cross where this dude missed and hit the wall because he was so excited?

So we got a wedding cake X Wilson and i bet it will produce better cultivars than he's worth.
The guy helped, if not solely responsible for, one of the most respected but dangerous niebourhoods, into a joke. But all his genetics came from Oni witch means O Harry Palm morher fucker just got another cult follower. With him we finally have a green thumb and one of my best friends ive never meet. So if you get them it was the man in the woods not a stray cat from the old hood, your getting.
I would like to apologize to harry for putting his name amoung such weakness.

Type de variété: Hybride
Sexe: Regulière
Floraison: 60 - 70 jours
Rendement: Moyen
Taille: Moyenne
Intérieur / Extérieur:
Quantité disponible: 1