I grew my first plant in 1972 at the age of 12 from a Mexican Bag seed with great results ! The whole plant was one giant frosty bud and I've been growing ever since.
Spending time in Hawaii I learned how important quality soil is and still put black lava in my mix today.
13 years ago I was buying seeds from Europe and Canada for $5 and $10 a piece and getting ripped off half the time. So I said I can do better!! I'm now in the valley of the sun where I produce around 50,000 seeds every 90 days so I can offer the best fresh seeds at the best price!!! And I always throw in a few extra!
I ship anywhere in the US for free and you pay nothing until you get your seeds!
I pick out every seed one at a time and if it doesn't work for me, it won't work for you. Having 100% germination rate is quite common and I always throw in a few extras so you can meet your plant quota! I like to talk shop, so if you have any questions please feel free contact me.
I'm looking forward to being your Seed Guy!

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It's all problems thanks

William à propos de l'annonce Bubba Kush - Bk il y a 1 ans.

Excellent response and service 5 stars!

Rich à propos de l'annonce Bubba Kush - Bk il y a 1 ans.

Always gives free seeds. Best in the business

Retrospect Collective à propos de l'annonce Lemon Skunk - Ls il y a 1 ans.