I am not a breeder but i have over 10 years experience in the prohibition area. 4 in the medical area. I know synthetic I know organics. Hydroponics, aeroponics, soiless. I am an experienced pollen chucker that took the time to learn more about the males then females on how they breed. So i have a few secrets .. But MODICUM GENETICS means to me with a little bit of truth put into something it can become of great value. So i put the knowledge (truth) that I learned and applied it to what i love and hopefully you'll see the great value it means to me

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Everything was perfect. Fast delivery. Fresh genetics and grade A customer service.

Love the genetics!!!

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Daniel à propos de l'annonce Cackleberry F2 (Greenpoint seeds) il y a 2 ans.

Thanks for a pleasant deal.

Paul à propos de l'annonce (Headband x Cookiewreck) x Cackleberry male il y a 2 ans.