MzJill Genetics

MzJill Genetics is one of the most celebrated ultra-premium seed companies, across the world. It is eponymously named after its Founder, MzJill, who High Times dubbed “a superstar breeder and tireless cannabis advocate.” She boasts over 20 years of experience sourcing, curating, and cultivating, the finest quality, small batch, medicinal cannabis seeds.

MzJill’s legacy includes numerous award-winning, medicinal, cultivars. Among other strains, she is the originator of Jilly Bean which has achieved High Times Top Ten (2007), High Times Best Sativa (2014), and, most recently, 1st Place at the Adam Dunn Show Invitational (2018). A mouthwatering blend of candy and citrus, the 60/40 sativa-dominant strain has been highly effective in the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and migraines.

Everything MzJill Genetics’ team does is centered on breeding distinctive, innovative, and boundary-pushing, medicine. It prides itself on seeds that offer a consistently seamless, successful, and superior growing experience. And, from the instant you germinate one of its seeds, add them to your seed vault, or both, MzJill Genetics views you as a living extension of its tangible legacy and family. As family, its doors are always open for advice, information, or even just to say hi!

Also, beyond enriching cannabis’ biodiversity by cultivating best-in-class seeds, MzJill Genetics is committed to making a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations. The seed company supports numerous causes and donates proceeds of sales to, among other initiatives, veterans’ healthcare, charities focused on empowering women, and its holiday drives.

We hope that our seeds inspire you, as much as you growing them invigorates us!

Rooted in you,

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Perfect transaction - went very smoothly. Seeds arrived quickly and in good condition.

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Amazing people. Even more amazing company. My heart is with the compassion you show toward your profession. Highly reccommended.

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Everything went well