THC Seeds + CBD Seeds. Stockpiling, creating, and back-crossing legendary skunks! We strive to create the best seeds available. We offer high quality skunk crosses, cup winning strains, rare phenos and genetics, and awesome merchandise!

Skunk Seeds, and has been working hard to provide only the best quality seeds to the public ever since the idea came about. Located in the United States, we search for the best landraces, oldschool originals, and up and coming strains for the cannabis community.

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Thanks alot bud everything went well!!!! Will be coming back

Rich à propos de l'annonce AK47 Auto Feminized il y a 10 mois.

All went well. I will be back.

Kureen à propos de l'annonce Monkey Kandy il y a 10 mois.

Awesome communication and fast shipping. Thanks...

Hsullyc à propos de l'annonce AK47 Auto Feminized il y a 11 mois.