Colorado mountain grower
Growing/collecting since 2009
I have a decently large seed collection and will be getting rid of some while using others to create my own seeds.

IG: rebelbreedersalliance

At the moment, i can accept cash/money orders, Venmo

Seeds will ship as soon as payment is received, either same day or next business day.

All orders come with a free pack, large orders come with multiple free packs

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Seller was easy to deal with, with good communication, and the package was quickly shipped! Very satisfied !

Eric à propos de l'annonce Pink urkle X MAC il y a 6 mois.

Very easy transaction. As smooth as it gets. thanks

Bill à propos de l'annonce MAC F2 (MAC#2 X MACF1) il y a 6 mois.

Great seller. Smooth transaction.

Gerald à propos de l'annonce GMO X MAC il y a 6 mois.