Afghani Lemon Haze x 14 Strains (Open)

3 Afghani Lemon Haze Females (IBL)
20+ different males of 14 lineages

Information About the 3 Females these seeds are from:

Popped 250x Afghani Lemon Haze seeds this summer. Culled majority of ALH females and all males (except one--but it wasn't used in this project). Selected about 15 or so of my favorite ALH females to keep.

From those I ended up picking out three (3) Afghani Lemon Haze females: all early flowering with similar sweet berry scents and purple-hues. I brought these three ALH ladies to the garden with the males.

NOTE: I also brought some GSC clones and a few Death Bubba clones to hang out with the same males from this listing. So there are three seed listings available with the below male genetics.

Information About the 14+ Males these seeds are from:

Worked for LP startup. Had reg. seed pheno hunt projects going outdoors. Saw 600+ males through season. Brought home ones with best stem rubs.

Had 50 males of 15+ strains under observation from July through September, and eventually narrowed it down.

Kept a few as clones: the Mint Julep, Sky Cuddler, and Yuck Mouth males.

And saved pollen, posted listings here in September.

Below are short descriptions of the males. I've also referred to my notes as well as my prior (now closed) listings. Photos of most of these males in early flower are available.

Male Pollon Donors:

I. Lemon Heads - "The stem rub on each of these two keepers is intense lemon; this one listed is more of an intense fresh lemon peel zest, the other is more of a chemically lemon pinesol." (Both kept.)
II. Krome Lemons - Soapy lemon scent. Kept for genetic variety.
III. 707 Chemdawg - One late-flowering male of excellent structure and scent, identified by the head grower (who has experience growing Chem lines).
IV. Sour Larry Lime Pebbles #4 - Two males; one tall vigorous male with intense fresh lime scent (#1), and another male that purpled up entirely--stems, sacs, leaves, everything.
V. Firedawg - "The stem rub hit me in the gut, made my eyes water, and dried out my throat for like twenty minutes; pretty much an intense allergic reaction."
VI. Deadhead OG x 4DD - My notes just say, "Boss says keep"
VII. Mint Julep - I found six males that smelled minty--but this one keeper smelled exactly like the Maker's Mark bourbon Mint Juleps my dad used to make at his Kentucky Derby party every year. Instant nostalgia. Kept as clone--will be working to find these terps in progeny.
VIII. Mint Sours - More than 70% of our 40+ seeds were male, so we speculated that these genes may have genetic predisposition to higher male populations--or more likely, just a statistical outlier. But this male was super minty sour. Good find.
IX. Tropicanna Cookies F2 - Two males--one with a creamy orange vanilla terps, like orange soda and vanilla ice cream, or creamsicles. Another male with fresh squeezed orange juice terps.
X. Tropaya - One strongly Papaya dominant with a hint of lime, another with a nose identical to Peach Rings (candy peach creamy orange smell). Peach one molded out to botrytis.
XI. Sky Cuddler - I hit these males hard with molds pressure--doused/drenched with a hose twice daily kept in shade no air flow, tried to induce stem rot and PM for 3+ weeks straight. All were invincible to PM. But I killed off a few with botrytis stem rot. 4 mold-proof males were kept.
XII. Guerrilla Fumes - Intense stem rub like Firedawg and Chemdawg. Kept one.
XIII. Ghost OG - Super sticky stanky stem rub male. Great OG nose.
XIV. Yuck Mouth - Gross sour vomit/puke smell, real gut-turning. Disgusting but kinda hard to stop smelling. Male molded out outside super hardcore to botrytis.

Aside from the Yuck Mouth and Tropaya males which took on botrytis (stem), everything else stood up well in the PNW outdoors. Had an especially rainy close to the season too.

All in all, some great flavours of several modern polyhybrids (and a few heavily worked well selected heirloom lines), all crossed onto three sweet-berry early-flowering purpling selections of Afghani Lemon Haze.

In two other listings, these same male genetics are also crossed onto: Death Bubba clones and Girl Scout Cookies clones.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Ghost OG
Indica cultivars: Afghani
Sativa cultivars: Lemon Haze
Quantity available: 100