Comatose OG x T1 Trump (F3)

Photos L to R: Seeds, T1 Trump clone in flower (finished), Comatose OG (in veg)

This is an indoor hydro x outdoor industrial CBD hemp cross, meant to find smokeable phenotypes closer to 1:1, 1:2, and 2:1 ratios of THC:CBD.

Comatose OG: 23% - 27%+ THC
T1 Trump: 11% - 14%+ CBD

Comatose OG is an OG cross of unknown parentage. This cross is from a local cut of Comatose OG grown on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Worked at a medical grow and the grower was gifted a tray of Comatose OG clones. Ran a room and they yielded very well, over 2lb/light using single-ended 1000w HPS bulbs (9month+ old buls) hung vertically with parabolic hoods, SOG in 3gals, vegged 3 weeks. Produced large dense colas with strong OG nose. plants 3-4' in height, about 180% stretch. Narcotic stone, bland taste, but definitely sleepy time weed (even harvested at mostly milky, some clear, <5% amber).

The T1 Trump genetic used in this cross comes from a local organic CBD craft hemp flower grower here on Vancouver Island, B.C. He obtained the T1 Trump clone and selfed* it, creating a S1 line of T1 Trump seeds. From that S1 population he found males, selected females, and saved seed, bringing the S1 to F2 reg. From the next generation, he also selected males and females, bringing the line to F3. From the F2 generation in 2018, lab tests of samples showed between 11% and 14% CBD. (Grown outdoors at sea level using Botanicare on drip.)

This Spring 2019 a hemp farm I worked for planted 16,500 of these 3rd generation T1 Trump seeds and from those 16,500 plants, the farmer selected 2 males to father the next generation of his breeding project. These two males were so densely packed with pollen sacs the stalks and stems were barely visible. I saw them sitting in 1 gallon pots on his front porch. So after work I grabbed an old cardboard box from his recycling and tapped a boatload of pollen from both males into it; looked like a bottle rocket hit a bag of flour. Brought that pollen home and pollinated a Tahoe OG cut I hunted two years prior, along with the "Comatose OG" cut I had in the yard at the time.

Here's some more information on T1 Trump:
"Known for its stability, high yields, and not as controversial to its namesake success in the field with respect to its biomass and oil production per acre.

Potency: 13-15% CBD

Maturity - October 1st
Harvest: 8 weeks indoor/Early October outdoor"

*Note: "Selfing" is achieved by using a silver-based ethylene inhibitor to force a female branch (or full plant) to produce male pollen sacs, then pollinating a clone of the same genetic to produce two identical sets of chromosomes. It is believed that the resulting progeny may display every/any possible combination of characteristics of the parental lines; including hermaphroditic and male expressions of an otherwise female-chromosome-only crossing. Yes, a S1 of a female can produce males.

Video of 4 Comatose OG in veg under 1000w SE HPS:

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 50