GSC x Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3)

Updated 2020-12-18 - New Photo of GSC x Sky Cuddler Double Kush F3 grown outdoors by client. Great job Steve!

Photos from L to R: Seeds, flower of GSC plant pollinated, myself with Sky Cuddler males after spray-down, wet Sky Cuddlers with sign, dry Sky Cuddlers with sign, pollen sac closeup with breeder pack, a culled male (botrytis close up), another culled male (botrytis close up), two examples of culled males

This listing is for seeds of Girl Scout Cookies selectively pollinated with four (4) Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) males.

Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) is [( PK x (SourDiesel x (PK x (Urkel x BlackAfi))) ) X SkyCuddlerKush], bred by Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections.

The four (4) Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) males used in this open pollination cross were selected from population of 40 seeds. Terpenes: lemon, pine. From Freeborn Selections.

"Sky Cuddler Kush Dad – 3rd Generation: October rolls around in Mendo and they’re done. The first time I tried a couple I pulled 11+ pounds of dank off of one of these with not a gram of mold. Big from top to bottom, easy to grow and easy to process. Makes every type of concentrate well with nice returns and a crowd pleasing flavor. Potent tasty flowers. Better shelf life than most ."

"Great males to breed with almost anything; they add weight, mold resistance and potency without watering down everything."

"PKx(Skywalkerx(PKx(HinduxBigRed) The PK is “Hollywood” Pure Kush, the Skywalker is the OG cut, not the Dutch one, the Big Red is an old Afghani like Deep Chunk with mold resistance and taller, the Hindu is an old local 80s cut like bubba but better."

From Seven Trees, September 2019 Strainly Pollen Listing for Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3):

"These seven Sky Cuddler males are undergoing our selection process right now, down from a total of nine males (two culled). Our selection is based on mold resistance and recessive alleles correlated to terpene production. What does that mean? It means we have been spraying all the males down with water, rubbing them down with PM'd-out zucchini/rose leaves, and letting them sit in a stagnant humid room with no air circulation all summer--and we killed the only two males with any odour at all. Because we want a few male studs to open-pollinate with several dozen keeper cuts, all at once, with the goal of imparting improved yields and mold resistances, all while maintaining the flavours/terpene profiles of the strains we love to grow.

This listing will eventually offer--through our high-stress mold-inducing selection process, the most resilient Kush genetics commercially available, thanks to the work of Mean Gene's."

These seeds are untested.

Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) (#9, #12, #21 mixed) pollen collection:
Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) (#8):
Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) (#9, #12, #21):

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Girl Scout Cookie
Indica cultivars: Pure Kush
Quantity available: 30