Purple Bliss x "Mint Julep"F2 (Mint Chocolate Chip x Kosher Kush)

Photos from L to R: Seeds, Purple Bliss cola pollinated, Mint Julep male, Mint Julep pollen sac distribution, Mint Julep male structure (profile)

Purple Bliss is (Illegal Alien x BOGD) from 7 East Genetics: strainly.io/en/listings/383140-purple-bliss-illegal-alien-x-bogd-7-east-genetics

Mint Julep is (Mint Chocolate Chip x Kosher Kush) by Thunderfudge Genetics.

The male Mint Julep used legit smelled identical to the Maker's Mark Mint Juleps my dad made every year for his Kentucky Derby Party. Such a refreshing invigorating crisp fresh smell. Super potent mint and whiskey sour odours. Chosen from 16 males of 30 reg. seeds.

Liked the smell of this Purple Bliss female--very sweet and tropical, total Hawaiian Punch / face in the candy bin type thing going on. I kinda wanna say it smells like Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow taste.

Of the 10 seeds I grew, none showed any purpling. But was pleasantly surprised by such sweet flavours in this one female I kept. Gave away other females and culled (most) males.

Decided to hit one branch of this female with the Mint Julep pollen. Two crazy flavourful terpene combinations coming from these strains. Will definitely keep a good handful to run myself.

Been smoking on this dried uncured Purple Bliss (the seed bracts and sugar leaf, lol) last week or so too. Has a delicious candy aftertaste, but the pronounced candy terps disappear after first couple tokes, becomes more of a burnt caramel flavour. Let it go pretty amber (about 30-40%) to wait for seed ripeness.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Indica cultivars: Kosher Kush
Quantity available: 100
Listing created Nov 9, 2019