Purple Bliss x "Tropaya" (Papaya x Tropicanna Cookies)

Photos from L to R: Seeds, Purple Bliss cola pollinated, Tropaya pollen sacs closeup, Tropaya structure (profile), Tropaya (pruned, LST)

Purple Bliss is (Illegal Alien x BOGD) from 7 East Genetics: strainly.io/en/listings/383140-purple-bliss-illegal-alien-x-bogd-7-east-genetics

Tropaya is (Papaya x Tropicanna Cookies) by Oni Seed Co.

Liked the smell of this Purple Bliss female--very sweet and tropical, total Hawaiian Punch / face in the candy bin type thing going on. I kinda wanna say it smells like Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow taste.

Of the 10 seeds I grew, none showed any purpling. But was pleasantly surprised by such sweet flavours in this one female I kept. Gave away other females and culled (most) males.

Decided to hit another branch of this female with the Tropaya pollen from the male with peach rings terps. This Tropaya male with orange-creamy peach rings terps is kept in clone form, and was also offered as a pollen listing here on Strainly. From my notes written with September's pollen listing:

"This Tropaya male is... ...selected from 13 total Tropaya males. The stem rub reveals instense orangey vanilla-y sweetness (to my nose) which reminds me of the flavours of Orange Creme Savers. The head grower insists that this male is worth keeping, and excitedly identified the terpene profile as "the same exact as Peach Rings." (which I myself have not yet smelled)."

NOTE: The Tropaya male used in this cross experienced botrytis on stems and flowers in a somewhat dry August and molded out entirely by mid-September. High susceptibility to botrytis.

These two strains will make another exciting sweet and fruity flavourful terpene combination. Again, one I'm going to keep a few dozen of to run myself.

Been smoking on this dried uncured Purple Bliss (the seed bracts and sugar leaf, lol) last week or so too. Has a delicious candy aftertaste, but the pronounced candy terps disappear after first couple tokes, becomes more of a burnt caramel flavour. Let it go pretty amber (about 30-40%) to wait for seed ripeness.

Male Tropaya used is pictured in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/vMBdnwN2Utg

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Girl Scout Cookie
Indica cultivars: Papaya
Sativa cultivars: Tangie
Quantity available: 100