Purple Bliss x "Yuck Mouth" (GMO x Dosidos)

Photos from L to R: Seeds, Purple Bliss flower pollinated, Yuck Mouth #8 pollen sacs closeup, Yuck Mouth #8, Yuck Mouth #8 structure (profile)

Purple Bliss is (Illegal Alien x BOGD) from 7 East Genetics: strainly.io/en/listings/383140-purple-bliss-illegal-alien-x-bogd-7-east-genetics

Yuck Mouth is (GMO x Dosidos) by Archive Seed Bank.

Liked the smell of this Purple Bliss female--very sweet and tropical, total Hawaiian Punch / face in the candy bin type thing going on. I kinda wanna say it smells like Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow taste.

Of the 10 seeds I grew, none showed any purpling. But was pleasantly surprised by such sweet flavours in this one female I kept. Gave away other females and culled (most) males.

Had an abundance of Yuck Mouth pollen (huge yielder) and selected a branch of Purple Bliss to pollinate. This Yuck Mouth #8 is a keeper male stud and is being used in some future projects. Breeder cuts may be available upon request.

From my notes:

"This Yuck Mouth male is selected (saved) from 11 total Yuck Mouth males of 36 reg seeds. The stem rub hit me in the gut unpleasantly--I was not ready for this kind of stench from a Cannabis plant, and I do not personally enjoy it. It's basically a sour dead animal left in the sun for a few days, with a strong undertone of black licorice, and that disgusting acrid acid-like smell that lingers after vomiting through one's nose while binge drinking. Smells so strong and I associate these odours with such unpleasant times, that I choose to actively walk around it, giving myself an 8 or more foot berth.

Been smoking on the dried uncured Purple Bliss (the seed bracts and sugar leaf, lol) last week or so too. Has a delicious candy aftertaste, but the pronounced candy terps disappear after first couple tokes, becomes more of a burnt caramel flavour. Let it go pretty amber (about 30-40%) to wait for seed ripeness.

Male Yuck Mouth used is pictured in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/HRnJxe0DXKk

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 150