Update: Jan. 7, 2021 - Added late-stage curing notes and distribution notes.

Seeds saved by Mark: strainly/en/mark

Thank you for preserving these seeds. I'm so glad I found her.

Potency & Terpene Notes:
Dried flower is heavy sweet anise and mild chocolate with faint peppery notes. During early-mid flower reeked "like mom cooked curry in the basement last night" (-quote from a Punjab/Figian friend).

Many of her sisters had berries notes. No berries here at all--nothing fruity anywhere to be had.

After 10-14 days dry, smokes thick rich chocolate smoke. Smoke so thick it feels and tastes like you're eating chocolate mousse. Sharp anise afternote, a little kiss on the tongue.

At 67 days smokes like milk chocolate hash. Can't stop licking the roof of my mouth, front teeth, lips; the resin is lip-smacking.

Cured to 9months and she reeks of parmesan cheese. What a funk!

High is back inside your mother's womb; silence upon the earth, weightlessness. Later on, you realize thoughtlessness and time travel has occurred too.

(Note that I am a heavy smoker: 1/8oz to 1/4oz of flower/day in work joints and +2-3g dry sift in dry pipes.)

First time I smoked this I literally lost the joint. About forty-five minutes after my first toke I realized I was in the garden and hadn't had a single thought since taking a hit. I had been in a stoned thoughtless trance.

This stuff seriously knocks your brains loose.

After smoking on only this for a few days, almost a week now: it's very heavy forehead and eyes, back of head/neck, outter upper shoulders, and lower back. Strong creative impulse.

Notes on growing:
Structure is very tight, like Hindu or Afghan Kush. Very difficult to work with in high light intensity. Abundantly leafy. Very close internodal spacing.

Topping outdoors was a mistake. Extremely hollow stemmed; could lose your car keys down there. Rains filled it up. But even with a Smart Water worth of birdbath in her neck for three weeks she held strong. Unrottable stalk.

Responds well to LST in active growth veg.; very supple and flexible. First ten days after pistil emergence, stalks harden, become rigid and woody. No give at all. Train early. Strong branching adequate for self-support of floral clusters, but moderate additional applied force provoked a break from crotch axis. Lateral branch support recommended in winds or with CO2 supplementation regimes.

Apical cola measured 46" from soil line. Main stalk measured 24" from soil line. Nearly uniform lateral growth after topping. Excellent stacking habit. Liable to create whole-branch colas with pruning.

Mold resistant like nuts. Not a whisper of mildew or rot, until three straight weeks of heavy autumn rains at the 49th turned the first east-facing cola-tip brown with beginnings of botrytis. Let it run another two weeks, only spot-picked a few small bits off in the field; afterward--nada. Maybe three or four total wet grams lost to mold by Oct 17th harvest, nothing after.

Two largest fan leaves had center leaf blades: 11 1/4" and 11 1/8" long; 14" and 13 3/4" wide. Petioles both 7 1/8" with diameters of 9-12mm, blade to base. Leaves snap clean with moderate force downward pull; no incidence of stripping. Easy hand pruning for fan leaves.

Leaves extremely pest resistant. Observation under several of the largest fan leaves revealed legions of soft bodied flying insect corpses. Predominantly a sort of gnat I'm unfamiliar with, about twice to thrice smaller than fungus gnats; upwards of 100 corpses covered the bottom of each leaf. 500x Magnification revealed no plant damage; insect death throes and atrophy akin to desiccation and toxicity. Minor sightings of leaf hopper activity in early flower, though no damage apparent and not seen again. What came near, died. What took a bite, died. Eventually everything gave up trying.

These are clearly exceptional and strong genetics. Please support Mark's preservation work so you yourself can enjoy looking for your favorite expression of this wonderful cultivar. Thank you so much for observing my lucky girl.

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Plants grown from seed have a taproot, which greatly increases vigor, yield, and resistance to environmental pressures. Cuttings do not.

Stable seed such as Mark's creates excellent breeding stock to work with. Finding your own pheno from a larger population can give you unique and potent outcomes in your crosses. I recommend purchasing twice the highest quantity you can hunt in a single season. It's worth your time to own, and store preciously, these valuable seeds. Do your part to help preserve foundational genetics for generations to come. Find an heirloom you're passionate about, and dedicate yourself to open pollination seed saving that line just once a decade. You can make a huge difference.

01/13/2020: Cut sent to Hawaii.
04/11/2020: Cut sent to Michigan.
12/03/2020: Cut sent to Poland.

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Low
Indoor / Outdoor:
Indica cultivars: Afghani
Quantity available: 1