707 Chemdawg x Pink Sweets

This listing is for seeds from a 707 Chemdawg branch polllinated by a Pink Sweets #6 male.

707 Chemdawg is an IBL of Chem Dog #4.

Pink Sweets is Pink Sunset x MAC Mints bred by Umami Seed Co.

Selection occurred in Summer 2019 at sea level under full sun using organic composted supersoil, fish emulsion, kelp, and compost teas during veg, followed by straight water through week 2 of flower until harvest. Pest pressure was minimal while molds pressure was high.

Below are my combined notes from my Autumn 2019 pollen listings and garden journal, along with links to the original breeders' works and their observations.

Pink Sweets # 6 - Two males were selected for disproportionate vigor from a population of 20 seeds. The #6 smelled of sweet berries, and I found his structure superior. He was the one used; while collecting Pink Sweets #6 pollen for storage and sale, I used a residual amount from my collection instruments to tag an unseeded branch of 707 Chemdawg.

Please refer to Umami Seed Co.'s work with Pink Sweets, as well as this website for a photo of a female expression.

707 Chemdawg - This selective branch pollination is one which came about as a pivot to unintended events. Females were being selected from a 600+ seed hunt. Sexed males were presented to me for further selection, as I had expressed interest in preserving these lines through stored pollen.

The head grower (two decades experience with Chem lines) selected three plants as being ideal representations of Chemdawg terps. I brought all three home (chopped in half to fit in the trunk) and soon culled the third, leaving two. I photographed them and posted my pollen listings.

Then I removed the pollen listings because the two I ended up with were (surprise) female. So I decided to do some crosses whilst collecting pollen for my previous pollen listings.

For more breeder information on 707 Chemdawg, please check the website where these seeds were purchased: speakeasyseedbank.com/offerings/707-seedbank/707-chemdawg

I let the seed mature late into the Winter, and harvested December 7th. Chemdawg mothers had excellent molds resistance, and this seed is of exceptional quality. Please note that all Chemdawgs were very light feeders; burned in veg from Alaska Fish Fert, and topdressings of 1cup soft rockphosphate in wk 2 flower.

Photographs from left to right:

Seeds, Chemdawg profile, node closeup, branching; Pink Sweets #6 untopped, profile, pollen sacs, leaf scan, Pink Sweets #5 (unchosen brother, topped)

Chemdawg footage:


Chopped males + Chemdawg footage:


Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Sunset Sherbert
Indica cultivars: Chem Scout
Quantity available: 20
Listing created Jan 11, 2020