Afghani #1 x (Deadhead OG x 4DD)

Photos L to R: Seeds; Afghani #1 leader cola, side cola, vegetative stage, mid flower, late flower, harvest night, couple more closeups; Finnish Frost male from eye level, profile view, early flower pollen sac development, structure from below.

For information about the Afghani #1 mother used in this cross:

Deadhead OG x 4DD was bred by Chefro420 of People Under The Stairs Genetics.

"4DD" is: Chem D x (Chem 4 x Chem IBL)

The Deadhead OG x 4DD male used was chosen from the 11 Deadhead OG x 4DD males quarantined for observation.

For photographs of female flowers, Deadhead OG x 4DD.

Varietal type: Hybrid (F1)
Gender: Reg.
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Deadhead OG
Indica cultivars: Afghani
Quantity available: 5
Listing created Jan 11, 2020