Double-A CAPz

Pack of 11 seeds plus freebies and air mailing.

Mother: Alien Tarantula by Obsoul33t

Father: Skullcap by Karma (Errol Flynn Stud)

A difficult & strenuous labor of love,Double-A CAPz was a personal favorite during 2019s test runs & outdoor stress tests. The infamous Alien Technology crossed to Kyle Kuskmans Strawberry cough resulted in Alien Tarantula, a very long lasting (up to 6 hours) Indica with a very distinct smell & palate. The Alien Tech really lends the flavour of good hashish with warm spicy/earthy tones that linger on the tongue & last as long as the effects.

Errol Flynn was an instant keeper, at first mistaken for a female due to his longer grow time vs the shorter flower of the other males but he is worth the wait. Documented well & with a nodal mutation, his cuts are our go-to at FromDankestAfrica, the story of Skullcap is a bit mixed up online but when I acquired the beans the genetics were listed as: Hortilabs Sour Power x Karma Biker kush. The progeny was crossed to Headstash by Karma & then crossed to Biker kush again. Essentially a Sour Power x Biker kush x Headstash x Biker kush - Skullcap (SourHeadstash OG) the balance of sweet candy & nose destroying pure sour is addictive & dominant.

Errol Flynn tends to shine through a lot in his crosses & even the most dominant females are subdued by his charms resulting in hybrids that are unique & balanced, he never fails to impart some of his impressive genetics on the F1 generation.

The pheno combos here are amazing with a rare sweet/sour strawberry hash flavour already being worked intensively. We've found more stability from the Alien Tarantula leaners with morphology & genotype being pretty typical & uniform while the taller slightly more sativa geno giving a wider range of growth pattern & cannabinoid variation like Skullcap.

Varietal type: Hybrid (F1)
Gender: Reg.
Cannabinoids: High THC / High CBD
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Alien OG
Indica cultivars: Strawberry Fields
Sativa cultivars: Sour Flower
Quantity available: 10
Listing created Feb 6, 2020