Singapore Sling

Here we have a brand new and unopened pack of Singapore Sling, some of tiki madman's best work. Here you will get a 10 pack of F1 regs with a lineage of Tiki Cookies x Creamsicle. Tiki cookies is a cookie leaning pheno of Tropicana banana.

Creamsicle = Cream Carmel x Carmalicious
Cream Carmel = BlueBlack x Maple Leaf x White Rhino
Carmalicious = Maple Leaf x Afghan Kush

outta 1 pack I found like 4 or 5 unreal phenos then the other one was a straight-up throwback to banana og so honestly the whole pack was awesome"

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1