Khalifa Crip

Khalifa Crip

Lineage: Khalifa Kush (river rock cut) x Reversed Tampa Crippie

Flowering Time: 66-70 Days

Height: Medium

Yield: 1.5 lbs/KW

Smell/Flavor: Kerosene, Sour gasoline/Chem, strong lemon-lime pine and earthy

Side Notes: This plant will eat nutrients up and seems to thoroughly enjoy hydroponic set ups, but also enjoys soil. The only differentiation is in hydro systems she never seems to stop growing and the calyxs continue to proliferate. In soil she very clearly tightens up her nugs into small pine cone/leaf shapes. With water chillers in hydro she will express her coloration just a bit more late in flowering.

Once again, we started off taking the hardest clone to obtain we’ve ever set our sights on that also loosened our grip on several of our extremely tightly held clones we’ve had for decades....Khalifa Kush river rocks cut. We were bound by our contract not to ever let this clone slip from our grasp, which we will never do, but the owner and master breeder at Sunshine State Seed Co. wanted to, and did take his prized ultra gassy crisp kerosene earthy heavy pine and lime Tampa Crippie ™️ And reversed her. We aimed higher than ever before and the keeper pheno we have, we nailed it! Originally sought to be strictly head stash for our crew, we let two cuts slip out. This clone brings 100% of that sour, slightly sweet, pungent lemon earthy pine from the Khalifa Kush in conjunction with our overly gassy/kerosene that has a crisp sharp edge with the earthy pine and lime of our Tampa Crippie ™️ in a harmonious balance as to compliment each other. This was no small task and there was only one single pheno out of 300+ phenos that melded so perfectly that it was destined to be an over the top show stopper. Which goes without saying, because look at the prestigious parentage!

The plants will grow to a medium to medium tall height, they will bush out very nicely with very minimal training, the branches will need support through staking or SCROG in flower. The sheer weight of the unworldly density of the flowers can and will bend and break branches with even the slightest gust from circulation fans. The buds form these obese pine cone shapes, the calyxs will swell, the dark green from the KK side and the navy blue from the Tampa Crip side lend themselves to a light violet color at the end of flowering especially in slightly cooler environments absolutely covered in a sheet of thick white trichomes.

The effect of this strain is an almost ideal ying and yang. It has a very calming, relaxing, anti anxiety feeling that does beautifully at counteracting a somewhat intense energizing feeling. A feeling of confidence, well being, energy and drive to accomplish whatever your daily schedule dictates while providing a serene, anxiety free, relaxed state of mind and body buzz.

This strain is extremely limited in quantity, this is a mixed pheno that doesn’t in any way violate our agreement and contract to never let the Khalifa Kush clone loose. In many ways, this is the pinnacle smoke for indica lovers that don’t particularly love the couchlock and lack of motivation associated with many heavy indicas. Again, this strain will be very limited and this is our breeder keeper clone. We spent 3+ years in R&D with this cross and over 300 phenos to lock down “the one”. When they’re gone, they’re gone for that fiscal year.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 3
Listing created Oct 17, 2020