Tampa Cuban (Black Haze) breeder cut

Tampa Cuban (Black Haze)

Lineage: Cuban “Miami” Black Haze x Reversed Tampa Crippie

Flowering: 84-92 Days

Height: Tall

Yield: 1-1.4lbs/KW (subject to plant size and training)

This cross is not necessarily a new hybrid for us, since we’ve had the Cuban “Miami” Black Haze for a few years. This is the “black” in the black, green, red haze series from south Florida. This cut was kept very very close especially in the majorly Hispanic community in south Florida and is also the strain that hails from Miami.

The Cuban Black Haze is a very, very sativa strain. Tall, lanky, long flowering but for many especially lovers of their morning coffee and go, go, go lifestyle this strain is very well suited. She’s a rich earthy, sandalwood, cedar, cypress woody overtone and has the earthy very subtle fuel-ness very briefly on the exhale.

Since the out of nowhere resurgence of the Cuban Black Haze we’re pulling this clone out of our stables. At Sunshine State Seed Company, our tropical sativas have long since been a mainstay in our headstash gardens. The last couple decades were the rise of the OG’s, especially Florida OG’s after Triangle Kush was used to make GSC, while the sativas and particularly the hazes were “undesirable”. Currently hazes are back on the upswing which makes us very excited as for what’s to come since our company’s backbone is in the Florida Kush’s and hazes.

In 2018 we took our Cuban Black Haze (many thanks to the folks in PR and Miami for letting her back into the community) and we pollinated her with a reversed Tampa Crippie. The Tampa Crippie adds a nice kick to the very subtle fuel of the Cuban Black Haze and adds a clean kerosene funk. Both strains exhibit an rich earthy quality, but our keeper pheno lets more of the Cuban Black Haze shine through while adding just the right amount of density, a clean kerosene, and a very slightly less stretchy plant. Again, this pheno is very dominant on the Cuban Black Haze side while adding just enough of the Tampa Crippie traits to add density and kerosene flavor.

This plant will grow tall to very tall if you let it. The sweet spot we’ve found for harvesting is 13.5 weeks. She will more than triple in size at the onset of 12/12. We prefer to SCROG her, so that all of those nugs with the improved density ample light to mature which can push the yield to almost 1.5lbs/KW. She grows extremely fast in hydroponic set ups so be mindful she’ll at least triple in size when flipped to 12/12, which makes SCROG’ing a better choice than staking, but she will respond to LST and super cropping well.

This strain has notes that come out like a rich earthy espresso, smooth kerosene, sandlewood, cedar, cypress, and a slight lime tinge. One of the most important traits we wanted to keep intact was the beautiful deep dark black from the Cuban Black Haze and a navy blue hue to the whole plant. This is why we chose to reverse the Tampa Crippie to pollinate the Cuban Black Haze. Their colors are similar and neither detracts from the colors expressed by the other.

The effect of the strain is very daytime more preferably the morning. It’s an electric, jolt of energy, very clear minded, and very little to any narcotic while being pleasantly euphoric in nature. It’s the perfect pick me up and wake and bake strain that will not hinder your abilities to get through a long and arduous day.

This strain will be released in a limited quantity per year. When they’re gone, they’re gone. All clones come with our guarantee to arrive alive or we replace for free as well as guaranteed pest mold and mildew free. They are also zero residual pesticide compliant per our MMFLA license requirements.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Moderate
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 4
Listing created Nov 6, 2020