Cubanville Haze (10 seeds)

Cubanville Haze

Lineage: Cuban “Miami” Black Haze x Gainesville Green BX1 (Gainesville Green x Gainesville Green x ‘79 Heirloom Florida Skunk)

Flowering: 86-100 Days

Height: Tall

Yield: 1.2-1.7lbs/KW

Pictures are of both mother plants

This is an F1 hybrid we created a few years ago with the two infamous Florida sativas. Since we primarily only produce regular sex seeds especially those we release, we back crossed our beloved Gainesville Green using our other very old school Florida male, ‘79 Heirloom Florida Skunk. From back when skunks were sativas, as they were created.

We found our most Gainesville Green BX1 male that’s spot on Gainesville Green with a couple additions like a smell of roadkill that’s been rotting in the Florida heat for a week, a slightly longer flowering time and a more Christmas tree shaped plant.

We took the Cuban Black Haze which at the time was only for personal headstash and pollinated her with the Gainesville Green BX1 male.

Out of the 120 or so seeds we’ve popped there are phenos that can lean towards the Cuban Black Haze, some mixes both Cuban Black Haze and Gainesville Green and our personal favorite.... the phenos that are Cuban Black Haze dominant with its rich earthy, sandalwood, cedar, cypress, exotic lemon-lime, floral, grapefruit, pineapple with an undertone of rotten citrus and roadkill that’s been baking in the Florida heat and humidity.

This is an F1 cross, so for those pheno hunting the possibilities can lean Cuban Black Haze, a mix of Cuban Black Haze and Gainesville Green to the more rare phenos that add a bit of rotten citrus and roadkill.

All of the phenos will get large but more so Christmas tree shaped with strong side branches that absolutely need to be supported in flower. There are the occasional phenos that branch laterally just as much as vertically. Those phenos seem to be the mixed CBH/GG phenos and tend to yield a bit more. She will about triple in size at the onset of 12/12. Carbon filters are a MUST! Not only is the scent overpowering if you brush up against her, so you can’t smell anything else in your garden but just circulation fans will keep a constant overpowering earthy, woody, citrus and depending on the pheno a rotting dead animal background.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 12
Listing created Nov 6, 2020