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Gelato 33 x Stardawg

Gelato 33 is a colorful combination of San Fransisco’s Sunset Sherbet and “Thin Mint” cut of Girl Scout Cookies. The “#33” cut of Gelato has maintained it’s spot as the favorite of the Cookie Family. Looking deeper into the lineage of Sunset Sherbet, we find a royal bloodline of Girl Scout Cookies and the exceptionally rare Pink Panties. Sunset Sherb has won many awards for its excellent flavor and impeccable bag appeal. When combined with the rare and championed Thin Mint cookie cut, a flavor explosion of epic proportions exploded onto the privileged cannabis cliques of California’s Bay Area.

Hype Train Meets Consistent Out-performer

Often referred to as the “Larry Bird” pheno of the Gelato, the #33 started gaining popularity in the Bay as it has become a must-have for smokers with only the highest of standards. This unique plant exemplifies everything GSC fans desire in a dessert named strain with great flavor and unyielding potency. Adding the Gelato 33 to the Wild West Series was easy considering the popularity Gelato 33 has garnered. I introduce you to City Slicker (Gelato 33 x Stardawg)! In City Slicker, we are combining the unbeatable qualities of the cookie lineage in Gelato with the iconic and consistent Stardawg father.

Easy to Grow Cannabis Seeds

City Slicker (Gelato 33 x Stardawg) is a fun and easy variety to cultivate requiring moderate attention and resilient growth. The growth is not too slow or too fast, and the stretch is just about right for training to maximize yields. As City Slicker (Gelato 33/Stardawg) moves through the flowering stage, it will stack gorgeous trichome-encrusted golf ball sized buds that will send juicy and seductive berry and cookie dough aromas wafting around the room making you more and more eager for harvest.

Best Purple Strains

The deep magenta calyxes flecked by lime green spotting makes Gelato 33 a real treat to behold. A generous coating of white resin and bright orange hairs accent an already beautiful canvas creating the most photogenic cannabis on the planet. The spectacular colors will emerge as City Slicker begins to flush and will hold your attention day after day. After harvest and cure, the bag appeal of this variety is simply irresistible. The soft and sweet aroma and great coloring will make this a favorite in your garden. Have the hype in your garden with Greenpoint Seeds!

Gelato 33 x Stardawg

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City Slicker (Gelato 33 x Stardawg) – Genetic Makeup

Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint” cut – 25%

Sherbet “Sunset” cut – 25%

Chem 4 – 25%

Chem D – 22%

Affy – 03%

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2
Listing created Nov 18, 2020