Wild Berry Zkittlez F3 AutoFlower Reg

15+ seeds per pack
60$ per pack
10 packs Available !!!
All packs come with 5 inch holographic Wall Sticker of VikingGardens .

AutoFlower Regular makes Female and Male Autos

95% Purple Phenos and some Black Out
Wild Berry Zkittlez F3 is an AutoFlower Reg.
made at VikingGardens and brought to the 3rd Generation by RealThor89 on IG

WBZF3 Auto Preserved linage is
Purple Roc Berry Version-1 from Roc Bud Inc Genetics (V1 is retired and no longer worked) AutoFlower
CareBearsF2 from FireBudz Genetics selected male AutoFlower

Most likely will turn all purple in flowering as well as darker purple in late flowering .

Frost/Hash - 4/5
Color - 5/5
Yield - 4/5
Potency - 4/5
Structure - Medium Bush
Time - 90-120 days : seed to harvest

Best Results have grown in DWC hydro this genetic will also preform well in soil . The best method of cultivation is 5 gallon pot or bigger . Heavy feeders will produce the best yielders , the structure and growth provides good internode spacing where you don’t have do to much training to get light penetration and the bottoms will get big as well . They produce thick dense buds that have a large main kola and when topped it will make two big kolas with the mids nice and dense from the training . These AutoFlowers are very very sweet and candy smelling with Wild Berries and Jet Fuel rather then Gas Funk . It’s a sharp Jet Fuel smell that is potent and full bodied although it’s a hybrid . This genetic is the next upcoming purple bud maker in the auto world and will be making splashes in all corners of the world . It made a lot of seeds in the breed so I did hand out a lot of the F2 and F1 version for free so there are many people with the older varieties. This F3 is VikingGardens personal work and promises of you get this genetic you going to get the Wild Berry Zkittlez profile that your expecting !
They have been Germ tested and Tested at VikingGardens as well throughout the community .

Created originally for stock and because the results were absolutely stunning , I decided to take the linage to F3 before every releasing these genetics as an official drop . I handed out 50-100 packs of F2 and F1 sharing with everyone I could when this first started. I wanted the approval of everyone before I ever started Breeding for Official Drops. Wild Berry Zkittlez F3 is a successful AutoFlower with plans to keep it around for its medical value and flower appeal.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Other
Indica cultivars: Other
Sativa cultivars: Other
Ruderalis cultivars: Other
Quantity available: 10