Galactic Hammer AutoFlowers Reg

Galactic Hammer AutoFlower Reg is made at VikingGardens by RealThor89 on IG .

Galactic Hammer Auto lineage is :
Ethos Pluto RF3 Auto (Selected from 20 Females)
Thor’s Hammer F3 Auto (Selected from 100 Seed Hunt)

Frost Level -5/5
Yield - 3/5
Structure- Medium Candelabra Wide Open Style

Color - 3/5
Potency - 4/5

Galactic Hammer Female used in this breed was a very very frosty one ! The Select Female was caked in trichs with large long wispy light orange to sunburnt hairs and a dense thick central kola with lots of even branching , easily Low Stress Trained and defoliated for light depth penetration. It smells like BioHazard Gas and Acetone Or Nail Polish Remover that kinda stings the nostrils on the first smell contact . During its flower growth , it ranges from stinking decay to Gym Shoes to full on Bio Diesel smells . It’s strong stuff and really packs a punch for potency . It was easy to grow and most likely the genetic in the Hammer Line that has the best ‘Gas’ profiles for that Gassy Funky consumer looking for that Skunky kick in the pack. The Thor’s Hammer Male opened up the structure to more of a taller plant in some Phenos and also brought a lot of that color and frost along with it , so the results were really a great mix with each other to bring in the missing parts of a one genetic to another with the ethos Pluto being all gas , the Thor’s hammer brought Dark Berries and Spice into the results . The testing was great and again the frost levels are a major highlight here for this genetic .

This is Auto Reg and these genetics are selected , so this is a possible project for that AutoFlower grower looking to expand there library or someone looking to try some new auto x auto work ! Either way they are worked hard .

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Other
Indica cultivars: Other
Sativa cultivars: Other
Ruderalis cultivars: Other
Quantity available: 10